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Silicone Rubber

Silicone Rubber: Uses and Industries Explained

Industrial rubbers have many types, one of them is silicone rubber. This material has many good traits, be it flexibility, temperature resistance, and durability, and comes in liquid, sheets, tubes, and others. Silicone can be used for many applications, from construction to aerospace.

What You Must Know About Silicone Rubber?

Silicone is used for quite many applications; some industries use this type of rubber. You must know that silicone is quite different from another similar word which is silicon. Silicone is a polymer thing that has silicon on the inside while silicon itself is an element. Silicone has many other types of elements besides silicon.

You can find different silicone polymer variations, silicon combinations can be from oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, or other molecules. Also, properties can vary depending on the structure of molecules and chemical groups. Because of the silicon-oxygen bond, it can give silicone structure many benefits. Be it temperature resistance, ozone resistance, and electrical insulation.

Silicone has high, durability, resistance, and also non-toxicity, so it can be used for medical uses, extreme applications for industrial needs, food processing, food storage, and voltage insulators.

What Silicone Is Usually Used For?

Silicone is used frequently by many industries. Silicone gives the combination of overall safety, durability, and strength. Because of that capability, silicone is extremely popular be it in medical or food fields. Not only for medical and food in general but silicone applications can also be more varied, including these points:

– Electronics

Silicone is often used in the electronics field such as in adhesives and sealants. Silicone also can be used for various tubes, circuits, and connectors. Silicone is used for many different electronic products or devices.

Silicone Rubber Uses and Industries Explained

– Aerospace

Not only for electronics, silicone also can be used for aerospace fields. Things that make silicone needed for aerospace are its ability to withstand better for high temperatures and reliable durability. Those abilities make silicone an ideal material for some aerospace applications.

Silicone can be used in sealant, protective coating, aerospace electrical, and engine components.

– Automotive

Silicone’s properties make this elastomer it to be an ideal material for the automotive industry. You can find silicone in various tubing, hoses, gaskets, and sealants.

– Construction

silicone rubber has durability, and resistance to ozone, wind, rain, and UV making it a reliable choice in the field of construction. You can use silicone for coatings, adhesives, and sealants for this field.

– Medical

Silicone is also usually used in the medical field, because silicone is approved by FDA, making this material safely used for some medical equipment. Be it feeding tubes, pacemakers, and stents, using silicone.

– Food processing

We can agree that silicone is safe enough to use because it’s used for some medical needs. It is safe to use silicone in either processing or packaging of food. Due to its durability and overall safety, silicone is usually found in kitchen utensils and storage containers.

Products made with silicone rubber are tasteless and odorless. For those of you who want to keep the surrounding environment clean, you can also rely on products made from silicone. More and more industries are utilizing silicone like some of the industries above.

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